Four Easy DIY Halloween Looks

As an adult, finding a costume is way more stressful than it needs to be. With parties all weekend, having more than one costume becomes a necessity. Prices can start adding up, after all, costumes are not cheap. I started Pinning cute Halloween costumes, combing through Party City’s walls and obsessing over makeup tutorials that I am under-qualified to paint on my face. I wanted to do something creative, cute and fun. So I wanted to share a few easy looks that anyone can do with stuff they already own!

  1. Snapchat Puppy Filter

This one way pretty easy. Similar to the basic black cat, this puppy face requires a nose and whisker marks.  I started by drawing the nose and jowls, shaded them in with brown, black and white eye-shadow and vuala! Pick up a pair of ears at your local Halloween store and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to stick your tongue out!

2. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was my favorite Disney princess growing up, so naturally I thought of recreating her look. I used blue and white eye-shadow to create the face, grabbed some furry leg warmers and an animal skull top. (Matt was a black eyed P! hahaha)

3. Zombie


Zombie makeup is so fun and easy to do! A little bruising here and a little blood there and you’re half way done. Zombie’s always have ripped clothes, dirt and blood on them, so have fun with this part!

4. Sushi

I wore this to a work Halloween party and it was a hit! Everyone loved how creative it was, and honestly it was the easiest thing. I wore white as the rice, borrowed my cousins Nemo toy as the sushi part, wrapped black leggings around my body and secured them with paperclips, lol. Very low budget and thrown together the night before, creativity over quality wins with this one. For the wasabi and ginger, I rolled up a green and pink sock and paper-clipped them to a headband.

What are you wearing this halloween? Share in the comments below!


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