August Goals

Who says goals need to be made on the first of the month?

I've been super busy with work, life and trying to be the best me that I can be! And I finally have the time to get some intentions and goals down for the month of August.

My fitness ranged from attending weekly bootcamp classes in college, to a few week long gym trials, to the first two weeks of a 30 day challenge, to maybe an hour of yoga once a week. My goal is to have three good workouts a week including a successful cardio class, an hour of hot yoga and a good 30-45 minute weight training session. For me, I need to enjoy what I'm doing and not go just because I have to. Finding a fun, motivating class is what keeps me going and for my North Jersey readers look into Fire Shaper! I've fallen in love with hot yoga.

It's one thing to force yourself to eat healthy and then punish yourself for eating that sleeve of Oreos but it's another thing to eat mindfully. I've been doing a lot of research lately on what I'm putting in my body. Discovering that it's more about quality verses quantity and starving yourself should never feel necessary! One of my favorite online subscriptions, (soon to be app) Posh Paleo, breaks down all questions women have on healthy eating, portion control and fad diets. One of my favorite quotes from them is, "diet is king and exercise is the cherry on top!".

A successful work-life balance is seemingly impossible when you're in your twenties. You're either working multiple jobs to keep up with your rent or so invested that work comes home with you- laptop in hand or not. This month my goal is so complete as much work as I can at work in the 8 hour day and once it's over – it's over. On the weekends I plan to enjoy the day instead of having a case of the Monday-worries all weekend long.

What are your goals for August? Remember that it's never too late to set positive goals and intentions for yourself, no need to wait until September!


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