Blanket Scarf Frenzy

This week’s weather has been crazy! Yesterday morning, I woke up with a chill in my bones to 60 degree weather. Naturally, I went in my closet, pulled out my blanket scarf and wrapped myself in warmth and comfort before heading to work. As the afternoon approached it was around 80 degrees outside. One thing I love about blanket scarves are their size. I can dress for warmer weather and wrap myself up for the morning. It’s the perfect layering piece! Below are some of my favorites this season.


  1. Express berry and ivory plaid [$39.90]: As mentioned before in my fashion haul post (in case you missed it, click here) the maroon/berry/burgundy shade is one of my favorite colors this season! I love how Express mixed in a neutral brown tone to fall this scarf up even more! Pair with a white top, dark wash denim, and brown booties and you’re good to go!
  2. Target burgundy and ivory plaid [$16.99]: This scarf is equally as gorgeous as the one mentioned before and for less than half of the price of the one from Express- how can you go wrong!
  3. Target houndstooth [$19.99]: I find the houndstooth pattern to be so elegant. Cue Blake Lively (ugh love her) and Kate Middleton (hello, she’s royalty). Make this blanket scarf the focal point of your outfit with a chic LBD and over the knee booties.


4. Urban Outfitters oversized brown [$39.00]: I always like to have a plain option if I’m not feeling a fun statement piece. This scarf comes in black, red, light pink and purple as well!

What are some of your favorites this season? Comment below!


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