Today was a very exciting day for my little one. He got his first piece of mail and it came from BarkBox!

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs! This adorable company is dedicated to making pups happy everywhere. The boxes are filled with goodies for your dog to enjoy and are personalized to your dog’s size and by rating the products for your pup as they enjoy their box. You also have the option to donate or purchase a box for a shelter dog in need, how sweet!

I was so happy when I found this company. Mac goes through chew toys like it’s his job (Are there jobs for dogs? Testing toys? Hmm). I’ll come home from PetSmart, after spending a ghastly amount on a few plush toys and he will destroy them within the hour. Now with this box I can pay a flat rate of $20 and Mac will be set until the next one! (CLICK HERE to join the fun!). BarkBox even shows a break down of the price per toy and treat if you want to purchase another one for you dog to enjoy. The total cost of this month’s box was $44, I love knowing that I am getting a great deal and I love how happy this box of goodies made my puppy!

This box included two plush toys (one filled with two smaller toys), a bone (he took before I could photograph) and two bags of treats.

Nothing but tail-wags for Mac and nothing but laughs for me as I read all of the puns throughout the BarkBox. This box’s theme was NYC or Poo York City as BarkBox refers to it. We can’t wait for next month! New theme, new treats, new toys!

“Gotta make sure there’s nothing left, Ma!”


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