Check list: Road Trip

Planning a trip definitely yields a lot of preparation, however packing for that trip ranks just as high on the anxiety scale.

Since three of us were going to be in a tiny car together for nine days we had to put a lot of thought into packing light. Packing light and still looking cute of course.

There was a lot of thoughts on whether or not to bring more than one bag so we could grab the things we needed for each night and leave our main suitcase in the car.

However I’m one of those types of people that needs to see how I feel in the morning rather than picking out my outfit the night before and 100% committing to it. There are so many variables that could happen throughout the night that I can’t set myself to be in specific outfit for the rest of the day, I like to have options. So for this trip I grabbed my birthday present – my first ever rolling suitcase (thanks amber!) and filled it with mix-and-match outfits.

This suitcase was actually perfect. I was able to fit everything from my toiletries, shoes, a purse and all of my clothing. It was light enough and the wheels made it easy to transport.

A lot of time was going to be spent in the car and I don’t normally enjoy wearing jean shorts so I opted for a few sundresses that would keep me cool and comfortable for long sitting periods.

Packing list:

Shorts- 3 linen shorts, 2 jeans, 2 activewear

Tops- 3 tank tops, 3 short sleeves, 2 activewear (doubled as sleepwear)

Dresses- 3

Capri Pants – 2 (these I could have done without. It was so hot I never even unfolded them from the suitcase)

Yoga pants – 1

Sweater- 1

Purses- 1 crossbody, 1 larger everyday bag

Bathing suits- 3

Shoes: flip flops, converse, sneakers, nicer sandals.

There were a few items I could have done without and a few items I found myself wearing more than others. As mentioned above, I had no use for the pants, I used my sweater as a blanket in most cases and thankfully was able to wash some clothes in the hotels!
For road trip entertainment I brought my kindle, travel journal and some headphones. I will have a book list coming soon! I got a lot more reading done than I planned and have some awesome recommendations!

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