Road Trip: Virginia!

We are finally home from our road trip adventure and I have downloaded all of our awesome pictures that I can’t wait to share with you! If you know me even a little, you can probably tell I love taking pictures. Going through them all and narrowing down the best ones always takes me the longest. Almost 300 pictures during our nine day adventure- enjoy!!

First stop: Warm Springs, VA
As usual the plan is always to leave as early as possible however leaving around two hours later than expected is how our journey of fun began. This knocked off lunch in Washington DC from the itinerary so we headed straight to Warm Springs, Virginia.

Bags all packed I took the first driving shift. Mom as my copilot and Matt nestled up in the backseat playing Pokémon. Seven hours later we arrived at the adorable Warm Springs Inn bed-and-breakfast close to 9 PM. This court/jail house turned hotel has super charm and is conveniently located across the street from the Jefferson Pools. Ginger, the property manager was so hospitable preparing breakfast every morning!

Sunday was our first official day of fun on our journey and we began at the Jefferson pools. First established in 1761 the springs were known for their healing properties based on their mineral content. People would frequent the springs searching for ultimate relaxation; Thomas Jefferson was one of the most prestigious visitors and enjoyed his time in the spring so much they were named after him.

The warm springs were very relaxing although they do have a distinct smell of sulfur. They were so relaxing that all three of us passed out for an hour or so after our dip. We woke up hungry and researched the famous Omni Homestead resort. Teatime was at three so we headed over for a light snack before dinner. The Omni homestead is gorgeous, beautifully crafted it is the largest tourist attraction in the area and the highest employer of Warm Springs Virginia. I would highly recommend visiting the Omni Homestead resort and stopping by Jeffersons for their appetizer crab cake, the key lime mojito is a must try for my fellow key lime lovers and if you’re feeling extra sweet on your vacation like we were order their cheese cake pops for dessert!

After dinner, we walked around the magnificent resort-fully equipped with banquet halls and a movie theater. Definitely a must see in the area.


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