Jack’s Fire Dept.

Matt loves to watch bar rescue, and we both love to eat! So when he suggested we go to a new restaurant I was all for it. He said this episode featured Jack’s Fire Dept. and their transformation was awesome. They have a “Jacked up Grilled Cheese Challenge” that caught Matt’s eye. So we got in the car and headed to Sunnyside, NY.

The bar is located in a cute little neighborhood in Queens, and has some major aesthetic appeal from the outside. The bar looks like it was an old firehouse and inside has the front of a firetruck behind the bar! We were seated in the backyard which has nice string lights above and pretty greenery.

For appetizers we got burnt Brussels sprout chips (so good!) and wings. The waiter told us that the Jacked up Grilled Cheese Challenge is not to be taken lightly, so Matt went with their ghost pepper grilled cheese instead, which was still really spicy! For drinks, I tried the Sunnyside Burn. This drink is rum, orange juice and thyme and was so yummy! Everything was delicious! We definitely will be going back.


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