Can’t Champlain ’bout this  

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This weekend the weather is going to hit single digits and it is reminding me about our New Years Eve trip to Lake Champlain, Vermont!
The drive was about four hours and as soon as we got there we got set up in our beautiful two story cabin! The house was located on Lake Champlain, which wasn’t frozen like we thought it would be (aka no pond hockey for the boys). It happened to be warm the weeks leading up to the new year so the lake didn’t have enough time to freeze over.

We got to the house early evening, settled in and hung out until it was time to get ready. That night was New Years Eve! I had all these thoughts in my mind on a cute dress or a glittery skirt… But I ended up wearing leggings and a maroon shirt. Very fashion forward (lol). We played so many games of beer pong that I was glad I dressed comfortably and didn’t spend money on a new outfit. Next year though, you’ll definitely see me in a better get-up.

The next morning, January 1st, I woke up before everyone else. I made myself some coffee and sat outside in a rocking chair on the porch over looking the lake. A few flurries of snow began to fall and all I could hear was the motion of the lake and two squirrels running up and down trees. It was such a perfect and calming experience.

Later that day some of the girls and I explored outside around the house. It was so isolated that we couldn’t go anywhere but around our house and the neighbors. We climbed under a fallen tree and over some slippery rocks to see a gorgeous view of the mountains and the sun! So worth it.

The next day we drove into town to get some more food and by the time we were heading back it was SO dark! There is nothing but farm land around the house, no street lights, just stars.You couldn’t see the road behind you and you could barely see the road in front without your high beams on.

The day before our last we watched the Winter Classics and played board games and card games! I honestly love playing games and are even more fun with a big group. They really bring everyone together and get people off their phones and to engage in some real social interactions!

Another four hours and we were home just in time for dinner. We all had so much fun on that trip, it was a great experience and I’d love to go back. Hopefully next time there will be more snow and I can finally learn how to ski!


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