Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s day is only a few days away and whether you have a valentine or not it is always fun to treat yourself! Here are some fun gift ideas/ ways to enjoy this holiday. (P.S if all else fails, you can enjoy The Walking Dead return at 9pm!! I know I’ll be squeezing that in after dinner.)




Nail art is always fun to play around with and who doesn’t love red nails? A few weeks ago I used Amore at the Grand Canal- OPI Gel Polish and this week I went with Heart & Soul- Wave Gel Polish with some added bling! These are some of my favorite nail designs from Pinterest for V-Day!




Soap for Sinners is a company I was newly introduced to and I immediately fell in love with them! Their products are all hand-made, vegan friendly and contain no parabens or harsh chemicals. I am currently using Bamboo Charcoal Cedar Wood! Highly recommend 😉




I love candles, any time, any season. But how cute are these mini heart shaped ones?! Bath and Body Works has a beautiful new classic design on their candles and are featuring a Valentine’s Day candle called Love that  smells   delicious! Besides Love, my favorites are Georgia Peach and Wine Cellar.


Olivia Palermo and Ciate London teamed up to create beautiful nail polishes and lipsticks! Available at Sephora these colors are limited edition and won’t be around forever. I am currently rocking Praline and loving it! Look out for her trademark imprinted in the lipstick- it’s a bow. Adorable!




What would Valentine’s day be without chocolate? The two are a pair that are just too good to separate. This year put a personal spin on your chocolate hearts by making your own! Head to the store and pick up some melting chocolate and some cute molds. Freeze overnight and vuala! Spice it up even further with cute packaging and bows.


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