Birthday Festivities

Hello All!

This year I turned the big 22! And since my birthday is in the summer, I love that I have the time to celebrate all month long 😉 I enjoy doing little things here and there with my loved ones. The day before my birthday, my boyfriend, my friends and I went to the Bronx Zoo! I haven’t been to the zoo in so long and it was really cool to see all of the animals. The Bronx Zoo has a gorilla exhibit and one of the gorillas just had a baby, such a cute experience to see the mama with her newborn. We got to see the butterfly exhibit, the lion enclosure, monkeys, bears, gazelles and more. My favorites were the giraffes and flamingos! Being a massive animal lover I have plans over the next few weeks to visit some more, I found a few places online where you can spend one on one time with the animals feeding and petting them. How cool!

On the day of my birthday I got a relaxing pedicure and sole reflexology at Sole Revival in River Edge, NJ. Such a beautiful and relaxing environment, I highly recommend the spa to everyone! Relaxation hits you in all forms from the soothing music to the beautiful sunlight that enters the front windows. It smells of fresh soaps and aromas. During my reflexology I was calmed with an aroma therapy treatment to help me relax. The reflex was amazing. The focus is on the foot, however the sole of the foot is a map to the rest of the body. The pressure of the massage is a little harder, and works like a detox, so I recommend bringing a water bottle (if you forget like I did, they offer water and beverages there). I cannot wait to go back. I have my heart set on getting the Lemon Drop service, consisting of a real lemon scrub, certainly sounds and probably smells amazing!

That night, my boyfriend took me out to a beautiful dinner on the water at the Chart House. I had the most delicious crab cake, white wine and lemon crusted salmon. For dessert we split the hot chocolate lava cake! Yum! Ps. that night I got SO many compliments on my dress !


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