Backpacking Europe!

I am BEYOND excited to share with you my most exciting summer yet; my travels to Europe! A few friends and I are backpacking from Amsterdam all the way to Barcelona, stopping at a few exciting places in between! It has been a dream of mine to visit Italy since I was young and now I am finally going to see it and so many other places; crystal clear waters, colorful swoops of rooftops, super soft sand that feels like it is melting in between your toes, and beautifully crafted architecture! Backpacking is going to give me a unique and cultured experience that I am ready for, even if my hair and feet may get the short end of the stick.

It is so exciting to plan a trip like this, but it is also SO much work. Currently, we are planning our route to get from country to country in more detail. Leaving June 30th, we have only a few weeks left to look into hostels, hotels, air b&b’s, trains, buses, planes, you name it. We have researched a lot already, however one can never do too much research, always need to have a plan and a back up plan. We will be abroad for two weeks which is the perfect amount of time. We need to make sure that we have places to sleep, transportation, and obviously the locations of the most delicious food. I plan on becoming very cultured, especially through food. The good thing is, everyone I speak to tells me I may even lose weight, because everything over seas is cooked, prepared and served in ways drastically different from the U.S, plus we will be doing a lot of walking. So, we’ll see, because I’m sure gelato and pizza aren’t any healthier in Italy than they are here, but I will let you know.

For others traveling this summer, I will share my packing tips when I get around to packing for this trip (which is hopefully soon, lol). My travel bag has to be either a backpack or side bag, and it can’t weigh more than 20lbs. I have to find a backpack that has a few zipper compartments and maybe comes with a little bag I can utilize for smaller items. This is going to be a challenge but it is one that I am up for and super excited to tackle!

Stay tuned for more posts from across Europe! ps. any book recommendations?!


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