Twenty Seventeen

Happy 2017!

I am back and ready to take on this year at full speed. As some of you may know, my last two weeks of 2016 were filled with cough drops and tissues. I had an upper respiratory infection (yikes, I know) but I luckily made my recovery by January!
I’ve been resting up and am back in full commission to bring 2017 to fruitfulness and make this the best year yet.

I wanted to start off by sharing my thinking on resolutions. Every year I make the resolution to be healthier, eat better and exercise more. And every year I am good for about two weeks. My mindset on resolutions this year is treating them as short term goals and then committing them into habits. One way to ensure you stay on track is to set a reasonable goal you know you can achieve.

1. Getting Healthy– To take a healthy challenge and create it into a lifestyle I’m starting off by doing a thirty day fitness challenge. On the challenge I am pushing myself to workout 6 days a week with a set program,  increasing my water intake and really focusing on preparing healthy meals.

When the goal is short term and you can see results, you’ll be much more willing to follow through. As they say, after 21 days it becomes a habit. Thirty day fitness challenges work great because, if you actually follow through, the results can be amazing and you’ll be more willing to keep up the good work!

2. Saving Money– My goal is to set aside a certain amount of money from each paycheck. After two months, 4 pay periods, I’ll have a nice little chunk of change.

Visibility seeing the progress will help with keeping you going, and I know you can do it!

3. Slowing Myself Down– Do you ever feel like life is flying by and you need time to stop and slow it all down? Well, same here. I feel like I get so wrapped up with making sure my life is on the right track, I am doing things to keep me busy, and my days are so packed that I forget to give myself me time. Part of me needs to slow down and realize that I am only 23 and should not and cannot have it all together, all the time. Setting aside an hour each day to focus on me is a goal of mine for this year. Whether it be in the morning or at night, I need time to reflect on my day, my week and my life with a cup of tea.

4. Figuring Out Who I Am– This goes hand-in-hand with goal number 3. I am blossoming into an adult, and figuring out who I am and want to be is crucial. Taking time each day to do things for me and realize what I like and what I don’t like will be necessary to achieve this goal. I carry a notebook around with me everywhere and write down things that inspire me. It’s important to make thoughts tangible and write down whatever you can.

Whatever your goals are for this upcoming year, make sure you enjoy doing them. A huge part of staying on track will be how invested you are in making a change. Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of your hard work and take pride in how far you have come already. The first step for some may be realizing that hard work is on its’ way, and you’re not afraid of it.

What are some of your goals this year? Comment below!


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