Road trip: West Virginia!

On our way to Morgantown West Virginia we stopped for coffee, tea and a light lunch at Books and Brews in Hurricane West Virginia. This adorable coffee shop is lined with books and board games! We had time for a few games of Guess Who? and then got back on the road.

Arriving in Morgantown; tired and hungry we stayed in and ordered good old fashion room service. The next morning we packed our bags for home, we drove around, but being a college town in the summer and a Sunday no one was not much was open. We found a local coffee shop (one of my favorite things to find in new places) called The Grind. Bagels, lattes and a confession box in the restroom – definitely worth the read and the laughs.

On our drive home we saw signs for Crystal Cave in Kutztown PA so we made one last stop on our journey. The oldest cave found in 1871, Crystal Cave is full of fascinating minerals and cut outs in the earth. The gift shop got me really into geodes and crystals, specifically amethyst as it is supposed to bring in positivity and expel negativity!

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