A Day in NYC

As I see more and more #foodie Instagram’s in New York City I write them down on my list. My list ranges from mega milk shakes at BlackTap in Soho (which Matt and I were able to get to but we ordered to go since the line was two hours long, it was pouring rain, and my shoe broke during the walk there- which was quite far. The milkshakes to go are nothing to photograph – we will have to give this place a second shot, obviously for the Instagram.) Anyway, ice cream rolls at 10below are also on that list along with a bunch of rooftop bars including Prosecco Popsicle Cocktails at Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar.

[top, skirt, necklace]

This trip we were able to hit two spots on the list. I am realizing that this list is going to take a long time especially since it’s keeps growing. Today we got lunch at Pokèworks on 7th and 37th. Burrito size sushi rolls!! The creation is the same as Chipotle where you have the option for a burrito, bowl or salad. Let me tell you, it was amazing. I highly recommend it. As expected avocado is extra but it’s totally worth the splurge for a SUSHI BURRITO. Oh and don’t forget the spicy mayo. We ate in Bryant Park which is only a few blocks away.
Next on today’s list Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Five floors, this museum had all types of celebrities ranging from J Lo to T Swift, Spiderman and SpongeBob. I was amazed to learn that each wax figurine takes three years to make, a team of 20 stylists/ artists and cost $220,000!

Please comment below any suggestions to add to my list!!


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