Washington to Pittsburgh

Around Halloween of last year (I’m a tad bit behind over here) Matt and I planned this whole trip to follow the Pittsburgh Penguins (our Stanley Cup Champions!) It all started in Buffalo Wild Wings, where we were looking at our work schedules and wanted to go to a few games. We planned it out on a napkin and made it happen!

buff wild wings

We started on Wednesday October 28th, driving to Washington, DC to see the Washington Capitals verse our Penguins! We left around 10am drove for four hours and arrived at our Airbnb house for the night. The house was a little sketchy but the plan was to spend the day outside in Washington! Little did we know, it was going to pour. We made our way to the National Mall, saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, we visited the WWII Memorial, took a tourist photo in front of the White House, saw the Korean War Veterans Memorial and then had to make a pit stop for some rain coats and an umbrella and continued our journey. Washington is a beautiful area,  with so many things to see, most definitely worth the trip. Around 8pm was game time, before the game we wanted to head into a local bar called the Green Turtle, unfortunately we were not able to go in, but will get in on another journey, so stay tuned to hear about that. The game was so much fun and we won 3-1 ! Even more exciting.


On to Pittsburgh! Another four hour drive and we made it! Our Airbnb here was a gorgeous walk up townhouse. We arrived in PA around 1pm and had some time before our 7pm game verses the Buffalo Sabres. We drove around the city gazing at its buildings and  grabbed a bite to eat at the Blue Line Grille. This game was a Halloween themed game so we spent most of the day driving around searching for a costume store only to find nothing. So we went as super fans 😉 And the Pens won again 4-3 !

Our our way home it was 6 hours and we both pumped our own gas for the first time!


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