Boston Round Two

I am back again! This time with my BFF, Amber for her to attend a Harvard medical conference!

It had been raining everyday back in NJ, so we were excited to escape the rain for a little, except on our last day here it snowed.

After her conference we walked around and found an adorable pup store, Polka Dog Bakery! Gourmet treats for your furry companion. They had a variety of treats for all sizes of dogs, so of course I had to get my baby some treats!

Such a cute place every dog mom or dad should visit! Friendly and super helpful staff helped me choose the best treats for Mac! 

Looking for treats for our pups worked us up quiet an appetite. Next door is The Cottage, a cute dinner place with AMAZING lobster rolls. 

As stated in my last Boston blog, Amber and I visited the Ice Loft! It was so cute with ice sculptures that change every season! (Of course I had to get a picture with the dog!)  #TwentyOneDegrees. It was cold in there and so much fun! 

We tried to go to Tigermama but that weekend we needed reservations in advance, so next time! Instead we walked around the South Market and went into a few cute shops! 


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