Exit Zero

Last weekend, my mom and I took a trip down to Cape May, New Jersey! Living in New Jersey my whole life, I never ventured down to the bottom of my state, until now, and it was beautiful! A historic town, Cape May is full of beautiful Victorian homes, hotels and bed and breakfasts. Living near the bustling NYC, it was so nice to experience such a quaint and homey town. Most of the shops are owned by local business owners and everyone is so friendly. The beaches are beautiful, and this time of year is still considered ‘off season’ so the crowd had not hit yet. We walked around the whole 2 mile town in a few hours. Stopping into shops, meeting locals and taking pictures of all the amazing architecture! We stayed at the Historic Hotel Macomber. Beautiful, homey-feel Victorian style hotel right on the beach! Hotel Macomber was the last historic landmark building in Cape May. As well as the largest frame structure of its time east of the Mississippi!

Our hotel concierge recommended local, Cape May Honey Farm. On our last day we took a drive to the Cape May Honey Farm. I have never been to a honey farm before and I am not well rehearsed in bee facts, but after our visit I am now well equipped with bee and honey knowledge! Such as: honey is fat and cholesterol free, in fact, honey burns fat while you sleep (Hibernation Diet)! Bet you didn’t know that, I sure didn’t. And did you know… ingesting ½ teaspoon of pollen a day, working your way up to 1-3 teaspoons per day, could significantly help you fight off seasonal allergies? Always buy local to build up immunity in your area. However, if you are allergic to bee stings or have a history of anaphylactic shock it is best to avoid bee pollen. At the Cape May Honey Farm, I purchased a rose infused jar of honey! It is delicious! The honey is collected from local farms, and rose petals are placed in the jar to infuse its taste and smell!

Overall we had a great time. I would highly recommend visiting Cape May if you have not already! Aside from the Honey Farm, and strolling around town, there are a ton of things to do!


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