Welcome to The Bermuda Room!

Hello, and welcome to my blog, The Bermuda Room! I am so excited to finally launch my site and follow my passion for writing. I started this blog to write about my travels, fashion, beauty, as well as anything and everything that interests me! I hope you enjoy!

One thing that I definitely need to get my creative juices flowing is natural light! I don’t know if it is the surge of Vitamin D or if I am just a sun child, but sunlight is what fuels me! I love sitting down in front of a large window, or well lit open space where I can feel the warmth surrounding me, touching my soul. This brings me to shine a light 😉 on the name of my blog!

The Bermuda Room came from this beautiful enclosed porch off the side of my grandma’s kitchen. Many years ago, her and my grandpa came to a cross-roads; taking a beautiful vacation to Bermuda or building a life long addition on the house. They went with the addition and called it the Bermuda Room; always having a peaceful escape with them.

I have so many memories in this room from my childhood. My grandma is an avid tea drinker, and if you can imagine yourself in mid June early July, with a warm cup of sweet tea, sitting in front of large windows with the sun shining through surrounding you like a blanket. Admiring her fine china, gossiping through fashion magazines, gazing at the birds that would stop by the feeder, and snacking on finger sandwiches would be our routine. I am honored to name my blog after her and I cant wait to share photos of this fabulous room with you all soon!


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