White After Labor Day or Fashion Faux Pas?

Labor Day was this past Monday and all I can think about when getting dressed in the morning, is can I wear white? This summer I went all out on shopping for pieces to fit my style and really amp up my wardrobe. To my surprise, there’s quite a lot of white. White just looks clean to me and gives off a put together vibe that says, “I can confidently wear this color that will show all coffee spills if I’m not careful.” I now carry a Tide To- Go stick in my purse because I am guilty of spilling coffee on myself more often than I’d like to admit. But why is there a rule that you need to pack away a color until Memorial Day 2017?   I’ve always known about the rule, No White after Labor Day, but conforming to something I am uneducated on concerns me. So, I did the research.

According to the Emily Post Institute, the start of the 20th century launched this rule into effect. Back then, the “summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day,” the time when people would discard their layers and opt for lighter, whiter clothing to keep them cool for the upcoming summer months. Darker clothing traps heat making white the perfect alternative.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s there was a rise in high society, new money clashing with old money. Mental Floss stated, the women of this “time who were already in felt it necessary to be able to tell who was acceptable and who wasn’t.” New rules were created and everyone in the know had to follow, thus – No White After Labor Day.

Over 100 years later, do we still need to follow this rule? The general consensus is no, it’s 2016! Wear what you want. Check out some of my favorite white pieces below!

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  1. Express White Denim [similar], Express White Tank [similar], Guess Military Vest [similar]
  2. Free People Lace Dress
  3. Express Mock Neck Tank [similar], Express White Denim [similar]
  4. Express Boyfriend Shirt, Express White Denim [similar]


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