New Planner, New Job, New Goals

I have always been a goal orientated person. Ever since I was young, I made a pact to myself to reach all of the goals I set in my life, no matter how long they will take to achieve. I once saw a quote by Earl Nightingale, that really solidified that way of thinking for me:

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

So I started setting goals: to finish college, to finish college with no debt, to finance my dream car, to adopt a puppy, to earn a career in my field of study, and to never stop trying to be the best version of myself. And so far, I have been successful.

I have more goals to achieve and they are ever changing as I grow into an adult. I am now learning about myself even more so than when I was in college and thought I had it all figured out. Sometimes I bite off a little more than I can chew and need to bring myself back down to reality. I have learned that it is okay to focus on one thing and put other things aside until you have the time for them. It’s better to give 100% of your attention to one thing, rather than give four things only 25% of your attention.  As a normal part of growing up, I am learning how to balance out my work life, personal life, social life and still remain a goal- getter. After all, its okay to not have it all figured out yet, right? 

A few months ago, I started working at Dressbarn and I absolutely love it. In the home office, I started as a Customer Experience Professional and have recently made the switch over to Store Communications. This position had a full turn around from customer to store. I started out by catering to our customers, inspiring her to feel beautiful and driving sales. Now, my customer is our stores. My team and I are responsible for making sure all communication from the home office is exactly what the stores need to carry out their day and inspire one another. This new position comes with meetings and a lot more projects. One way I like to keep organized is with a planner. I have so many planners and note books that I use daily. I have one for my personal stuff, such as doctor visits and vet visits for Mac, one for fitness and my workout regimen/eating habits and one for my blog, so obviously I needed a brand new shiny planner for work!

The first step in being organized is writing everything down, and I mean everything. I usually write important things down more than once. Sometimes I will start with a post-it note to quickly jot the thought down. Then I’ll copy it over into my planner and if its really important I will write it down in the section for that day but also note it on the monthly calendar to give myself that double exposure.

The planner pictured above, is from Target, and was reasonably priced at around $12.99. Day Designer is a luxe brand of planners, so I knew it was going to be good right off the bat. I love the turquoise color, the gold lettering and the soft leathery feel of the book- makes my day a little brighter and fun! On the front opening the planner there is a letter from the designer which makes it all the more special. Its a collaborative book, and was put together by a woman who had a lot on her plate and needed something to help organize herself- sorta like me, and the rest of my 20-something year old peers. What is unique about this book is that it has a yearly calendar section in the front, however the next section is broken down by week and then by day. There are not 52 pages in the week section, in fact there is half of that. My first thought was that I would have to buy a new planner because this one wont fit my entire year by week, but as I started to use it, I actually don’t need to write down each and every week. This week, Labor Day cut out Monday, and there are some meetings that are reoccurring and don’t need a whole day dedicated to them. This will not only save paper, but it will give me that bang for my buck because it will force me to use every page.

Also pictured above is the book Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman. She spoke at our company meeting and really opened my eyes to see how an effective leader leads. I am super excited to read her book and will definitely share what I learn! If you have any book recommendations or organization tips please comment below!


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